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Touch and Go, a Play in Three Acts D.H. Lawrence

Touch and Go, a Play in Three Acts

D.H. Lawrence

Published February 1st 2004
ISBN : 9780809594993
116 pages
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A nice phrase: A Peoples Theater. But what about it? Theres no such thing in existence as a Peoples Theater: or even on the way to existence, as far as we can tell. The name is chosen, the baby isnt even begotten: nay, the would-be parents arent married, nor yet courting. Although most miners may be pick-cum-shovel-cum-ballot implements, and no more, still, among miners there must be two or three living individuals. The same among the masters. The majority are suction-tubes for Bradburys. But is this Sodom of Industrialism there are surely ten men, all told. My poor little withered grain of mustard seed, I am half afraid to take you across to the seed-testing department And if there are men, there is A Peoples Theater. The essence of tragedy, which is creative crisis, is that a man should go through with his fate, and not dodge it and go bumping into an accident. And the whole business of life, at the great critical periods of mankind, is that men should accept and be one with their tragedy. Therefore we should open our hearts. For one thing we should have a Peoples Theater. Perhaps it would help us in this hour of confusion better than anything.